submission wishlist

My tastes in middle grade and young adult sometimes surprise even me. I’m looking to be swept away by new worlds, dynamic characters, crackling relationships, and absorbing settings. My favorite stories will have something important to say without necessarily needing to be said aloud, will touch on the bittersweet and humor, and enrich the shelves. I’m in particular interested in championing intersectional, marginalized voices, pushing boundaries, and seeing if we can shake things up a bit.

I have always wanted to represent stories that would “mean something to someone”, from validation in difficult situations all the way to sheer fluffy joy that allows escape. I feel deeply, and I want books that meet me there.

middle grade

I represent middle-grade fiction stories that embrace whimsy as well as serious topics. The projects I would like to work on most will have both sides of the coin, with the scales set at varying balances. Some of the specifics on my wishlist follow, but I am open to all sorts of middle grade work that speak directly to the heart.

  • epic fantasy, adventure series
  • humorous series and standalones
  • family stories
  • literary-voiced fantasy with a classic feel
  • sophisticated worlds
  • tough subjects handled sensitively
  • “mature” subjects for children
  • queer characters
  • madcap adventures
  • ensemble casts that may or may not include a talking animal or two

young adult

I represent young adult novels all over the spectrum from light rom-coms to fantasies to dark social justice topics. At the end of the day, I want to fill my YA list with memorable characters that inspire readers to pick up a new genre, to stand up for themselves and their friends, to change the world in some way. I want hope in different packages.

  • surreal, speculative contemporary
  • crime stories
  • both crossover and younger YA (not the show)
  • tough topics through a hopeful lens
  • underdog fantasy
  • paranormal, especially vampires
  • once-in-a-lifetime, constricted timelines
  • books that feel like indie movies
  • unusual, experimental storytelling devices
  • cinematic stories
  • stories set amidst natural disasters

I am closed to unsolicited submissions. If I solicited a submission from you, or simply when I reopen, please query me. Send me an email with your pitch letter and 10 sample pages to, including your title, category and genre in the subject line.

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